How To Build An Authority Site

Website authority is a result of many factors including quality content, community interaction, website age, and links. Authority sites do not ascend to authority status by manipulating search engines, but by appealing to visitors first. There is not a fast way to website stardom, only strategic planning, long hours, and time.

Some of the most popular websites today became popular because they realized the following:

Building websites for search engine algorithms, and the whim of their companies is not a viable business model, websites should be built for people.

Website Authority Status Factors

Quality Content

One of the most important factors in establishing an authoritative site, and one that is mostly overlooked, is quality content. Quality content is content that is unique and written for your visitors not the search engines. It can be text, videos, images, pdfs, or other formats. It provides value in an entertaining or educational way while bringing in natural links from visitors. By creating or allowing others to create excellent content, you build trust, reputation, inbound links and search engine rankings.

Quality Backlinks

If “Content is King” then quality links from trusted sources are queen.

User Generated Content

The web has grown into medium for interaction, collaboration and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Open up your website for comments, questions and other forms of communication channels. Forums, wikis, and other user generated content will allow visitors to become participants rather than spectators. A wider base of content providers opens channels for more areas of knowledge that can be covered.

Website/Domain Age

Search Engines favor aged/established sites. Consistency in content production and natural links over time will lead to higher rankings.

Authority sites are not made by manipulating the search engine algorithms, but are a result of the natural process of quality content, time, and more content.

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