Sell Benefits Not Features

One of the most common mistakes made when creating sales copy or marketing messages is focusing on the "features" of a product or service instead of the "benefits".

Benefits offer solutions to problems that your market are trying to solve, and appeal to the emotions that motivate people to buy. Features on the other hand are often technical and irrelevant.

A perfect example of this is the mini-infomercial for the Ninja Master Prep Blender. While searching for a new blender (I burnt our old one trying to make hummus), I was debating between the Ninja Master Prep and the Magic Bullet.

Both looked nice, were around the same price, and could make the same drinks and foods.

After watching the marketing videos for both I new that the Ninja was the one I wanted to buy. Not only was the Ninja larger, but look at how happy the people in the video are! They are making frozen cocktails at poolside, who wouldn't love that?

Watch the video below closely and notice how an amazing picture is painted of backyard parties, cocktails, easy to make snacks and more.

The 2+ minute video spends only a few seconds listing the products features. Most of the time is spent feeding your brain images and thoughts of delicious drinks and snacks that can be created easily and instantly.

The first minute of the video is packed with nothing but benefit after benefit listed in short and easy to understand sentances. Some of the benefits that I caught while watching are:


  • Instantly unleash your culinary power.
  • Effortlessly prepare 100's of delicious drinks, desserts, & entrees like a master chef.
  • The Powerful ninja instantly blasts solid ice into creamy snow.
  • Makes the most perfect frozen drinks you've ever tasted in seconds.
  • Fresh Delicious Salsa, "Just like that".
  • Make premium ice cream in 30 seconds.
  • Make healthy all-natural baby food in an instant.
  • Boost your energy level.
  • Improve your health.
  • Even loose weight.
  • Power packed whole fruit energy drinks.
  • Delicious Smoothies.
  • The creamiest non-fat frozen coffee drinks.
  • Healthy never tasted so good.
  • Clean up in a snap.
  • Ancient Asian Metal working secrets for making the sharpest blades meet modern technology.


The features are only covered for a few seconds of the video, and are mainly used to support the blender's benefits.

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Common Words Used

Scruptious, Delicious, Fresh, Instant, Powerful, Creamy, Premium, Healthy, Natural.

I ended up buying the Ninja Master Prep Blender, the amazing marketing video said I had to. ;)

Have you been focusing on the features of your product or service instead of it's benefits?

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